Kimberly J Han

Community, Coaching, Facilitation, Experience Design

Kim has facilitated over 500 events in the last decade. Some include OneSalon, a weekly secular church for nerds in San Francisco every Tuesday, and Consciousness Hacking, where she also coached 50 leaders around the world to start their own local communities, to conferences like the Crypto Consciousness Conference 2017, Awakened Futures Summit: Technology, Psychedelics, and the Future of Meditation, Sales Mastership, GriefDance, Happy Hour for the Soul, Boundaries Workshops, The Art of Almost Kissing, sunset dances in nature, and many more. 

She’s helped scale multiple communities (OneSalon from 8-3000 people, Consciousness Hacking from 30-50 chapters), and her clients have gone on to begin communities of their own, including Conscious Asians. 

Half of her career was spent teaching/dancing/performing tango 50 hours a week, and the other half has been in technology, community, business, and coaching. 

Her applications-based events on community building and facilitation workshops/retreats have all sold out in the past, and she’s known for curating extremely tight containers. 


Past Experience

Sales & Business Development record breaker at Square

  • Square's first Sales Development Rep -trained all of Square's first sales dev and business dev hires.
  • #1 most profitable person on the team - broke every profit and quota record.

Former COO, then Head of Global Community at Consciousness Hacking

  • Coached 50 chapter leaders worldwide to build local communities.
  • Ran dozens of 250-500 person sold out events and conferences.
  • Created the CoHack Leadership Summit

Former Director of OneSalon

  • Led and designed hundreds of weekly educational events.
  • Grew an 8 person community to one of 3000+ people.
  • Trained teams of leaders to continue to build community and run events.

Executive Leadership Development

  • Conducted qualitative 360 Interviews (Strengths, Areas for Improvement, Challenges) for execs at CapitalOne, MissionLane, Invitae, and later stage VC firms

Sales and Business Communication Teacher

  • Designed curriculum and taught Sales and Business Communication at MissionU (acquired by WeWork). Collaborated with partners to co-teach Marketing, Copywriting, and Data Writing.

Community Building Workshops/Retreats

  • Created and taught a sold out Community Building workshop to community leaders in San Francisco.
  • Created and ran an exclusive applications-only retreat for community builders - Connect The Connectors.


Speaking and Teaching Engagements

Stanford University

Camp BizSmart

Lehigh University

The Sharing Summit

Haas Berkeley School of Business

Sports and Consciousness Conference



8 Years as a voice actor

TV commercials

Educational Material

Electronic dictionaries

7 Years as Argentine Tango Professional

US: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, NYC, St. Louis

Europe: London, Edinburg, Rome, Marina Di Camerota

Asia: Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Bali


Personal Fun Facts

Usually sneezes 3-4 times in a row.

Attended West Point Military Academy for 1 week

Grew up in Taipei, Taiwan.

6 years of nomadic living worldwide.

Wanted to be a vet as a child

Heartbreak was a key part of development journey.

Movement nerd - the body is the "funnest" playground!